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Continental Europe & Nordic Area

In June 29, 2019, in Hamburg, Germany, Lina Gabbaoan was honored with the title of Mrs. Philippines World 2019 CE&NA. Her dedicated advocacy for accessible education through the MaxaM Foundation, which she has championed since 2016, goes hand in hand with her efforts to raise awareness about the pervasive issue of plastic pollution.

Mrs. Philippines Word CE&NA 2019: Welcome


To inspire and empower fellow mothers, we aim to demonstrate that we can achieve and contribute beyond the roles society assigns us as caregivers. This path allows us to break free from societal stereotypes and leave behind a substantial and meaningful legacy.

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Mrs. Philippines Word CE&NA 2019: About Us
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Lina Gabbaoan, Mrs. Philippines World 2019 CE&NA

As a mother of two vibrant and highly interactive children, I embraced significant responsibilities at a young age, which initially limited my ability to explore my own youth. However, over the past four years, I have actively sought and embraced new experiences that have allowed me to grow and learn. My children serve as my constant source of inspiration, motivating me to transcend the boundaries of motherhood and strive for more.

My life journey led me to establish an online Filipino store from 2015 to 2017, an endeavor that instilled in me the confidence to dream on a grander scale. In 2016, I founded the MaxaM Foundation, named after my two children, "Sam" and "Max." This organization is dedicated to assisting underprivileged children in the Philippines. Since its inception, MaxaM Foundation has been engaged in various small-scale charitable activities, supported by my family. Our efforts have significantly impacted numerous children, primarily through initiatives such as feeding programs, the distribution of school supplies, educational tools, equipment, school uniforms, and the renovation of public schools.

Subsequently, I was crowned Mrs. Philippines World Continental Europe & Nordic Area in 2019, assuming the responsibilities that come with the title. This role involved organizing fundraising events for various causes and projects. Meanwhile, I have been diligently working to turn my greatest dream into reality as a restaurant owner, which is currently in the planning stages.


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7 years old



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My foremost priority is attending to my children, but I have come to understand the significance of achieving a harmonious balance in my life. It is crucial to allocate time for planning my future endeavors and fulfilling other commitments. While achieving life balance may appear daunting, it is attainable by taking small steps each day, rather than attempting to do it all at once. Sometimes, all it takes is a well-structured plan of action.

The reminder that constantly motivates me is the knowledge that my children will eventually grow up, become adults, and forge their own paths. This serves as a poignant reminder not to lose sight of my own identity. Therefore, I make a conscious effort to maintain a well-rounded life, which includes hobbies, maintaining friendships, pursuing personal interests, and engaging in meaningful work alongside my role as a mother.

Mrs. Philippines Word CE&NA 2019: Who We Are


Initiating a new chapter in a foreign country with my two children, without the support of my family back in the Philippines, presented its set of challenges. However, with time, I gradually acclimated to the rhythm of life in The Netherlands and began to flourish. There came a pivotal moment when I triumphed over what was arguably the most arduous phase of my life. It was during this period that I truly comprehended the profound essence of being a woman and a mother.

As I move forward, my primary focus is on embracing positivity and consistently working towards a state of greater happiness, improved well-being, increased wisdom, and enhanced resilience.

Mrs. Philippines Word CE&NA 2019: About Us


Participating in and emerging victorious at the Mrs. Philippines World Continental Europe & Nordic Area Selection in Hamburg, Germany on June 29, 2019, was primarily a personal challenge for me. I embarked on this journey to expand my horizons and acquire new skills. With the privilege of this opportunity, my intent is to leverage this platform to make a more substantial impact on the world and demonstrate that mothers can transcend the boundaries of traditional roles.

I aspire to leave an indelible impression and provide encouragement to fellow mothers, urging them to break free from societal categorizations. I firmly believe that we can build a lasting legacy through our endeavors. Inspired by this mission, I am committed to leading by example during my reign. I will demonstrate how I can simultaneously pursue my dream of establishing a modernized Filipino restaurant while sharing the tenacious journey I undertake to bring this vision to fruition, all while caring for my two children.

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Education Adversity

In the Philippines, many young children, especially those living in rural areas, face daunting challenges in their daily journey to school. Despite the hardships they endure, these children remain determined to complete their education in pursuit of a brighter future, even in the face of limited resources. As a result, some of them arrive at school without the essential supplies they need, and, in some cases, even on an empty stomach.

MaxaM Foundation is committed to alleviating these difficult circumstances that can lead to discouragement and hinder academic performance. Our aim is to provide these children with the basic necessities required for effective learning. Furthermore, we organize feeding programs to ensure that no child goes to school hungry. We firmly believe that, no matter how seemingly small these gestures, they provide immense relief to both the children and their parents.

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Environmental Awareness

One of the most pressing man-made issues of our time is the proliferation of plastic pollution. Fortunately, the efforts of various organizations have significantly increased awareness about this problem. I have been actively involved in volunteering with a local government program in The Netherlands known as "Groningen Schoon Dankzij Mij" ("A Cleaner Groningen Thanks to Me"). This initiative focuses on creating cleaner neighborhoods and working towards the eradication of plastics in the North Sea and its coastlines.

Participating in these efforts has been an eye-opening experience, not only for me but also for those I have had the privilege of influencing along the way. It underscored the importance of being responsible users of plastic and making personal changes to reduce our plastic consumption. Additionally, I joined the movement led by National Geographic, "Stop Met Plastic," which has allowed me to contribute to cleaning up different cities in The Netherlands.

I firmly believe that setting a positive example has the power to inspire others to follow suit. Change begins with each one of us, and it is only through unity that we can create a lasting and meaningful impact.

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