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Mrs. Universe
Western Europe

Decereen Joy Baquiran
30 years old

"A little kindness can go a long way. Each one of us is fighting a battle we know nothing about. Let us always choose to be kind to people we meet along the way. During this challenging time of the pandemic, let us come together as people who care and help each other along with Mother Nature. Let us be reminded of how significant it is to protect our environment. Together we are stronger."

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What three words best describe you? 

  • Passionate, Dainty, Optimistic


What are the things you are grateful for? 

  • My loved ones which, always been my backbone.

  • The job that I love doing (caring for other people). 

  • Having good health enables me to do the things that I love.


What motivates you, and why? 

  • My family motivates me in all aspects. They are the reason why I am working and strive to be the best version of myself. Along with this, knowing that I helped make a difference in the lives of my patients and their families. Seeing the smiles on their faces and seeing them improve makes my heart and soul happy.


How do you define success? 

  • I define success in different ways. For me, it will always be about making a difference in the life of others. At the end of the day, when I made someone smile, ease their pain, or just listened to them, it makes me feel successful being a nurse. As for my success, I see it as a process wherein I focus on the small accomplishments that can lead me to achieve my ultimate goal in life.


What is woman empowerment to you?

  • Woman empowerment is building the power and potential within ourselves that radiates to other women wanting to improve themselves. It means having equality over men by providing women the same education, same job opportunities and wages, equal respect, and have total control over their lives. Furthermore, participating in social, political, and economic domains equally.


What is the relevance of beauty pageants in these times of difficulty? 

  • During this pandemic, a beauty pageant is a platform where women can use their voice to promote unity for our advocacies besides showcasing our physical beauty.

  • . They also serve as a venue to promote the protection of the environment, children, women, even policies related to business, and creative industry, and many more.


What are your views about Covid-19? 

  • Being a frontline and a Covid positive patient, I see how important it is to show kindness amidst being fearful of what it can do to us. I have seen how people can be rude because of their fear of getting infected. I also witnessed how kindness can go a long way, especially for those who are in distress. With this disease, we also can see how Mother nature recovers from human destruction and pollution. It reminds us that we should care more about our environment.


What are your advocacy and your plan for it? 

My love for my children made me an advocate in helping those who are sick with rare diseases and cancer. Kids are supposed to be playing and not suffering. I also would like to emphasize Mental health patients and their relatives that are to be given understanding and care instead of receiving the stigma of being unstable and outcasted in the community. Lastly, having been a survivor of violence, I would like to empower women to do the same. We are strong where we should not let ourselves get exploited by anyone. I know it is not easy, it’s terrifying, but it is doable. You are not alone people will always be there to help.

What advice would you give someone who is entering a pageant for the first time?

  • I am also a first timer in the pageant industry. For me, being passionate about what you are fighting for is my tool for making it through. If we love what we are doing, things will go the way it should be. Be a beauty with a cause. 

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    Decereen Joy Baquiran

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