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What are your views about Covid-19?

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

(A collective voice of inspirational beauty queens and individuals conveying words of wisdom that can bring encouragement and comfort to all of us in this time of difficulty.)

Shivangi Dewang Mrs. Tourism Globe 2018

‘‘In the light of the Covid 19 Pandemic that the world is facing today, it redefines the importance of togetherness, empathy, and care on a whole different level despite the challenges and uncertainty of the situation.

The adversity calls for unity in awareness, which itself is the major cure. Also, a crucial solution is to have sufficient knowledge of the circumstances which lead to proper engagement of precautions.

However challenging the condition may be, our determination in combatting the virus and cooperation shall prevail to restore the world's health & harmony.’’

Francesca Chin-Yhang Park

Mrs. Universe Southeast Asia 2020-21

‘‘My major concern about this pandemic (covid19) is what would be my sons' and daughters' future and their role in the family and broader society, consistent with high moral development. Because I want them to be active participants in social recovery, including concepts and development around them, like returning to school but require appropriate information and precautions by which their voices can be heard. And as a mom, I want them to live their life freely but very responsible citizens of this world...the Universe rather.’’

Mae Torres

Mrs. Universe Germany 2020

‘‘In the year 2020, a terrible virus called Novel Corona-19 has stricken and killed many lives worldwide. Greetings are no longer by handshakes, hugs, or kisses on the cheek, but an ‘‘elbow bump’’ is preferred pandemic greeting. However, if we look on the bright side, there is a silver lining to this sad reality that we face up to this year, 2021. People are attentive, communities and nations come together to help each other. It shows that humankind can be united and show love and care for each other. Countries set aside their differences and show love above all. People are conscious about hygiene and health. Despite this pandemic, families now have time to be together. I am profoundly hoping and fervently praying that God may bless the world for the best.’’

Edelyn May Csato

Mrs Nordic Europe Universe 2020

‘‘Rather than diminish the relevance of beauty pageants, this pandemic has brought forth an undeniable need for moral anchors – and that is what beauty Queens really are: a rallying point for advocacies and campaigns that needed spearheading; a representation of the beauty that lies within each of us that will never be dimmed even by the worst of the pandemic. I have often found myself asking the same questions over and over again: Is it selfish to be a queen dazzled in glitters and fame while people around us are either afraid, sick, or dead? But then I look back into the very purpose of having joined the world of pageantry, where I stood with pride of having been blessed with a platform to influence others. It may have been to change people's perspectives to believe in the same core values that I held today. It is about being an image of hope and strength to young women and mothers alike – that the flare of optimism will only counter the dimming of hope this pandemic has brought to families. In the future, when this situation is over, we will soon realize that it is because we stood our ground and held on to that sliver of hope. Some people would think that this pandemic is an excuse to underperform or rest but, the truth is, we are needed to be more proactive. We should not be merely respondents but active decision-makers and influencers. All of us, beauty queen or not, should cement ourselves as pillars of our society to contribute to the best of our abilities. Our synergy is vital. After all, the strength of a building lies in the power of its foundations. So if we harness ourselves towards a common goal for our communities bearing a vision farther than when this pandemic is over, we are already survivors. There is a need for beauty even in this ugliest of times. We have to realize that if it is not the beauty that brings significant hope, then it is the beauty that inspires people to be better, to do more, help, and survive. There are countless lessons that the pandemic has taught all of us, but one thing is for sure: if we only let these be mere sciences and not technologies, all-cause is lost to this effect.’’

Julie Knowles

Mrs. UK Philippines Universe 2020

‘‘The COVID-19 Pandemic has taught me to be more generous. Many have been affected adversely in terms of their livelihood, jobs, mental health, among others. But these unprecedented times have taught me to reach out to more people & share my time & resources. I have started a few charitable activities to help our kababayans in the Philippines and the UK. It feels great to be able to help in my own little way during these very challenging times.

I am sure that despite the difficulty this Pandemic brought us, we also have learned so much out of it. We are in it together. We will rise above together. Furthermore, we will heal together.’’

Maya Kuki

Mrs IAWA Universe 2020 (Mrs Universe India)

‘‘The year 2020 was defined by Covid 19 pandemic, the worst pandemic the world has seen after generations. The new normal of maintaining distance, wearing a mask, enforcing the use of sanitizer, and other necessities has forever changed our lives. Everything has been affected, from work and school to everyday activities and wardrobes. With millions of death and the world economy at a halt, we are brought to the sense how a disease that started in Wuhan, China, caused panic to the whole world in no time. It failed human intellects to contain the virus and technologies merely subjected to collect the statistics of humans' consequences.

We learned to appreciate simple things in life, and our lifestyle has shifted from entertaining junk foods to nutritious ones. Our focus is now more on strengthening our immunity as health is now more precious than ever before.

While we are forced to stay at home, some have no choice to go to the office to keep the world moving, risking their lives. Eventually, we recognized the real heroes in the frontlines. We lost many heroes while trying to save us, and their sacrifices will always be remembered.

But like a bright day after every night, we now have a vaccine with the hope that things may get better and the world will remember Covid 19 as a reminder that nothing should be taken for granted. RIP to the departed souls.’’

Jennifer Mercanti,

Mrs. Universe Canada 2020

‘‘The covid pandemic has brought my immediate family closer together and taught me about the real importance of life, love, and family. Working as a corporate attorney, I was concerned about returning to work full time with a nine-month-old daughter at home in April 2020. Still, I was blessed to receive the news that my global company wanted me to continue to work from home during the pandemic. While it has been challenging to work from home during these times with two small children under five, I view it as a blessing to be closer to my children. I don’t believe this opportunity would have been possible if not for the pandemic. I believe that God has sent us this pandemic to teach us the essential things in life and that we can persevere and make it through this time. I hope that the pandemic will lead us to appreciate our families and quality time together. I also hope that however challenging the pandemic may be, our determination and collaboration will restore health and peace in the world.’’

Venise Chan Mrs. Universe East Asia 2020

‘‘Covid 19 Pandemic has taught me a lot. One thing for sure is we should not take things for granted. Who would have known that simple choices like going out for dinners in the evening or where to travel for weekend getaways would become a challenge? As a former professional tennis player and sports lover, I got so used to having tennis court access whenever I want. Recent government restrictions on tennis court access in Hong Kong had made things difficult for tennis coaches and made me miss playing tennis so much! I should be grateful as these are privileges that I may have taken for granted. We should always cherish what we already have and our loved ones.

I started to explore different hobbies and a lot of Me-time to think things over and plan for the next year.

Life is unpredictable and hits you with a wave of surprises. I think this Covid is a time for people to explore new ideas and reevaluate their past. We must all be creative and flexible during these times.

It is one big fight we are all in together, and we shall unite to combat the virus and make the world a better and safer place.’’

Richa Kumari Mrs. Asia Universe (India) 2020

‘‘Covid 19 being the dreadful virus that the entire humanity has ever witnessed. Millions of lives have been lost, and many people have been badly affected by the virus. However, at the same time, this virus has been a healer and a fantastic teacher. It taught the entire world that we were cruel to our environment. It helped us learn about minimalism, which suggests that the only thing that we need to survive on this planet is food, clothes, homes, and everything else is luxury. It helped the entire flora and fauna to survive freely without human intervention.

It compelled us to realize that health is the most precious gift and real wealth. Furthermore, we learned compassion, care, and empathy.

The entire world went online, from education, banking, offices to whatnot. We realized that we need to be agile, be ready to embrace the uncertainties, and be grateful for our mere existence amidst this crisis.

I am very thankful to all the healthcare professionals, frontline workers, and essential services staff who worked tirelessly to save our lives and get us slowly back on track.’’

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25 janv. 2021

Awesome ❤️


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Mae Torres
21 janv. 2021

Incredible insight ❤️

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