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Mrs. Universe
Western Pacific Asia

Joybelle Portabes
44 years old

"I firmly believe that the true beauty of a real beauty queen lies from within. She should have an immaculate and good heart and must be an effective advocate of worthy causes. I hope I will inspire a lot of married women that we can certainly make contributions to our country with a cause. It is my childhood quest to be of help and it honed me to be a better person. As a registered social worker it motivated me even more to realize my purpose. I indulge myself in charities and volunteer works that in my littlest of ways purpose has been served."

Social media link:

  • Facebook


What three words best describe you? 

  • Upright, Honest & Persistent

  • Upright, I stand with the noble ideals of principle.

  • Honest, I am candid with what I feel. I don't pretend.

  • Persistent, I am inclined to pursue what I started.


What are the things you are grateful for? 

  • I thank God for my family, who unceasingly dedicated their life to me. I am grateful for the relatives and friends who never doubted me and have supported me all the way.


What motivates you and why? 

  • My family is my fortress. I will do everything for them against all odds. It is my passion to lend a hand, which I considered a calling through my advocacies.


How do you define success? 

  • Success for me is not something that stays for yourself but rather shared.


What is woman empowerment to you?

  • In my viewpoint, women empowerment is an unparalleled right to fight for decency and equal access to all resources in various facets of life.


What is the relevance of beauty pageants in these times of difficulty? 

  • INSPIRATION gives us a platform and avenue to believe in the beauty of life. Trying times just come and go, a stage that hones the confidence that will serve as leverage to thrive for a better life.


What are your views about Covid-19? 

  • Covid 19 made me realized that life indeed is short, so whatever good deed you can offer, give it.


What are your advocacies and your plan for it? 

  • I have always been passionate about advocacies on Women Empowerment, Women's Health, Indigenous Peoples Advocate, and an advocate for Children's Protection and Rights. As an Ambassadress, I will exemplify a good example and do all means necessary to have as many courses of action realized.


What advice would you give someone who is entering a pageant for the first time?

  • Focus with confidence, stay who they are, and believe in themselves.


What is your message to the world?

  • Life itself is not a problem to be solved but a reality to experience. Keep faith in whatever may come along.

Support me in Mrs. Universe's 2020 online competition.

Here's how to vote:

1. Click the Mrs. Universe link below and look for my name:

    Joybelle Portabes

2. Scroll almost to the end and you will see me.

3. Click VOTE on the top left corner of my profile.

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