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Mrs. Universe
United Kingdom 2021

Mary May Varga

"DREAM BIG! Never limit yourself to a dream; instead, demonstrate how you put your aspirations into action. Nothing matches the power of showing people the reality of making their goals come true because your dreams are VALID no matter where you come from, what you do, or who you are."

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About Me

I am a native of the Philippines, having been born and reared in the province of Bukidnon. I graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration from Bukidnon State University. I am currently residing in the United Kingdom with my amazing spouse and daughter. I am honored to be a Domiciliary Carer since I like caring for the elderly. Every day, you will be improving someone's quality of life, which is why I consider this rewarding work. Even though I lived in the United Kingdom, I never lost sight of the place and people who offer me peace; therefore, I'm still facilitating the charity that I supported by assisting children who can't afford to attend school and feeding programs. I will make every effort to continue assisting them, even if it is a little way because no one has ever gotten poor by giving.


Lastly, It is an honor to be a part of Mrs. Universe. It's my dream, not just for myself but also for the individuals I've helped, and I've entrusted this trip to our Almighty God. Without goals and actions, nothing happens. So, once again, THINK BIG because no matter what you set out to do, you must first consider what you want to achieve.

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