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Mrs. Universe
Southeast Asia

Francesca Chin-Yhang Park
41 years old

What are your views about Covid-19? 

"We are brought face to face with the most basic questions of life. What are we here for or what is the purpose of human existence?

The pandemic leads us to some painful insights and uncertainties , maybe God wants us to slowdown a little and spend quality time with our families or simply He wants us to realize the he exists and learn the purpose of our existence."

Social media link:

  • Facebook


What three words best describe you? 

  • I, LOVE, YOU 

    I, to start loving me first so I could LOVE back! 

    LOVE is the strongest powerful weapon I have. 

    YOU because I can never be me without everyone.


What are the things you are grateful for? 

  • I am grateful for everything because I could never be the best version of myself if I will just be seeing only the best and forget the worst things and never learned from them.


What motivates you and why? 

  • My seven children are the reasons to keep me get going every day. It motivates me to keep on smiling, loving, and living. 


How do you define success? 

  • Success for me does not consist of making mistakes but in never making the same one the second time. 


What is woman empowerment to you? 

  • Women Empowerment for me is all about RESPECT because regardless of your status and views in life, we, women deserve to be respected. 


What is the relevance of beauty pageants in these times of difficulty? 

  • Beauty pageants do contribute positive change to society during these times of difficulties, it promotes good values and moral obligations for the community that empowers women to share and show the best of their abilities.

What are your advocacy and your plan for it? 

  • Global Dignity.
    We believe that ensuring the dignity of every single person is essential to combating intolerance, injustice, and inequality. Through education and initiatives in more than 80 countries, we empower people to recognize their inherent dignity and respect the equal worth of all others. Only then can we build cultures of dignity in our schools, communities, workplaces, and—ultimately—societies that are more just, open, and peaceful. 
    For the next two years, we have a series of projects inline,
    1. United Kindness Art Competition Nationwide that will promote the “Be Kind All The Time” campaign among the younger generations. 
    2. Summer Dignity Camps that Promotes Dignity and boosting of morale of kids and teens in the community with 6 - 8 target Provinces nationwide.
    3. Annual Global Dignity Month Worldwide along with 80 other countries. 
    4. Self Care and Mental Health Campaign 
    5. Leading with Dignity Seminar
    6. Men and Women of Dignity Awards 
    7. Dignity Thru Sports Program 
    8. Community Reach Out projects 


What advice would you give someone who is entering a pageant for the first time?

  • Eat. Enjoy every moment of it. Activate your inner beauty because it is the best weapon you have. Tactfulness, always be considerate and sensitive to other candidates to be able to be confidently beautiful and nice.

What is your message to the world? 

  • Be happy because you have this wonderful life. Live like that so everyone remembers you when you are not in this world .... the Universe rather.

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    Francesca Chin-Yhang Park

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