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Mrs. Universe Eurasia 2021
Lina Gabbaoan

"A meaningful life is one that we can look back on and feel satisfied with. When life comes to an end, we all begin to reflect on how we spent most of our time and energy on worthwhile endeavors. So, let’s make sure we’re wasting as little time as possible on things that don’t matter."

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About Me

I am originally from the Philippines and currently residing in the Netherlands for eight years.

I have two children, a boy, and a girl. I’m currently pursuing my ambition of becoming a psychiatrist because I want to spend the right amount of time conducting medical missions and counseling for the poor, particularly in my home country, the Philippines.


My ultimate goal in life is to open a profitable restaurant in the Netherlands that will provide me with financial independence in the foreseeable future. Hoping, by then, I will have completed medical school or, at the very least, my specialization. Following that, I would begin my practice to gain experience and volunteer as much as possible through my foundation, performing medical missions and providing free psychotherapy sessions as a mental health advocate. It’s a lofty goal, but I’m driven to make it a reality to make my life more meaningful.

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