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Continental Asia

Lina Gabbaoan
29 years old

What is woman empowerment to you?


"On a larger scale, It is the union of confident women. The purpose is to encourage fellow women to raise their voices against misjudgment, in-equality, and supporting each other on every endeavor we choose to take. However, it is not just about opening our mouths, but how we live for it. The only time a woman can genuinely influence others is when she passes through insecurity and jealousy within herself. This movement should start with us and with the people around us. A smaller-scale will then transform into what we call women empowerment.  Remember to “talk the talk and walk the walk” it means let us support what we say, not just with words, but also through action."

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What three words best describe you? 

  • Doer - I do not talk much about my plan. Instead, I will quietly take action for it.

  • Empathy - it is a cruel world. Let us take a moment to care for each other a little deeper.

  • Purpose - chasing happiness is not enough. To have a meaningful life do something larger than ourselves. 


What are the things you are grateful for? 

  • Grateful for the unfortunate events which made me the person that I am today. 

  • My children are growing happily and disciplined. 

  • The support I get from those who sincerely care.

  • Lastly, thankful for my partner, who shows love, respect, and my pillar of strength. 


What motivates you, and why? 

  • Intrinsically motivated as the mother of my children. The journey we take as they grow up is something I will treasure in my life.

  • Extrinsically motivated for my goal in life. Working hard to achieve financial freedom to become a service of others. 


How do you define success? 

  • I would say I will be successful in life if I witnessed my children grow up applying the teachings given to them during their childhood. Also, when I achieve my ultimate goal in life, which is to have financial freedom, where I can dedicate my later years to do something meaningful. Life is not all about having material possessions to enjoy but a heart full of happiness by helping other people.

What is the relevance of beauty pageants in these times of difficulty? 

  • Pandemic caught us by surprise and suddenly forced us to live in a new normal. Life as we know it was taken away that affected many emotionally and psychologically. Amidst all the negatives, being a beacon of hope and sharing wisdom is what people need at the moment. Showing to the world that there is more to life than suffering and sadness by sharing positivity, helping each other in every way we can, and become the pride of a nation. Positive news can always brighten up everyone's gloomy world. It is like a shining star in the night sky.


What are your views about Covid-19? 

  • The world is currently at war with the invisible enemy. Many have been defeated but more conquered it. Pandemic itself is giving us the lesson that one might stumble down, we will rise again stronger. It made us realize the things we usually take for granted. The people pause for a moment and begin to appreciate simple things in life. Furthermore, it restored the faith in humanity by the worldwide force of caring for one another. 


What are your advocacy and your plan for it? 

  • I am advocating accessible education through MaxaM Foundation that started in 2016. I am also dedicating my extra time to help raise awareness of the rampant problem of plastic pollution. Recently I joined the force on breaking the stigma of having mental health problems as someone who conquered the said illness myself. 

  • Yearly, there are projects to distribute school supplies and necessities to different schools in Metro Manila and the provinces. The fight against plastic pollution is advocacy I carry every day by influencing those around me to make small changes in their lives like ditching single-use plastic bottles, adopting reusable grocery bags, and disposing of plastic items for recycling. Finally, by pursuing to become a medical practitioner, I can utilize the knowledge and skills to help people that are suffering from illnesses in the future. 


What advice would you give someone who is entering a pageant for the first time?

  • First of all, know your purpose of joining. Winning is the goal but take the opportunity to instill awareness with something you care about to people. The journey itself is your reward for taking the courage to be under pressure and showcasing not only your physical beauty but also the goodness of your soul. Lastly, cherish the camaraderie of sisterhood during and after the competition. It is a prize to take away from joining.


What is your message to the world?

  • To always share positive energy - despite all the challenges that life throws at us, there are things to be thankful for all the time. Sharing good vibes is the least thing we can do to uplift one another, and this is only possible if our behavior originates from gratitude.

  • Explore - learning is a lifetime process, and experiences are the best teachers. Do not stop trying new things, for if we fail, we get a lesson from it, and if we succeed, there is the wisdom we gain from it. Doing our best is all that matters regardless of the outcome.

  • Let your action speaks louder than your words - do not just verbalize your dream, move your way in making them into reality. No matter how long it will take to achieve your goal in life, take every little step to get it.

  •  Learn how to listen - people tend to talk about themselves, but very few will take time to listen to others. 

  • Value other people - No matter what our status in life, we should treat each other equally. Be considerate enough to avoid actions that devalue others and make them feel invisible and unworthy.

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